Inside Look

2nd Sunday Event 2016 at Battlefield Park

2nd Sunday Event 2016 at Battlefield Park

PH students and Dr. Schwartz participated in the 2016 2nd Sunday event at Battlefield Park on October 9th.  Participating were Meaghan Starr, Ami Proffitt, Dr. Schwartz, Lisa Thompson, and Nyah Bonds.

EKU Benefits Expo 2016

Bree Whitlach

Our students Bree Whitlach and Lane Williamson helping out staff by doing free BP checks at this year's Benefit expo.


Morehead State University Career Fair Fall 2016

Dr. Michelyn Bhandari and Graduate Assistant Rebecca Smith recruiting for the MPH program at the Morehead State University Career Fair October 5, 2016.  

Latino Health Fair 2016

ESG/KPHA members working with Latino Student Association members at the Latino Health Fair. 

Welcome our New Grad. Assistants

Hi, I'm Rebecca! I am from Ashland, KY and currently in the Master's of Public Health program.  I have a passion for helping others and finding healthier alternatives for their lifestyles! I love exploring new places and meeting new people.

Public Health at Turner Gate

PH seniors and faculty at Turner Gate.

Public Health Week

Public Health Week

ESG members took President Benson a basket of public health goodies for National Public Health Week. 


Left to right:  Kinzie Dickman, Tyler Caldwell, Jenna Cupp, EKU President Michael Benson, Janson Hoskins, Canaan Davis and Ramah Ballard.


Carolyn Jauco-Trott one instructor's and a graduate of our program presenting at KAHPERD.