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2013 ESG’s Photo Contest Winners

2013 ESG’s photo contest

First Place -Jennifer Watts

My photo was snapped at a Madison County Special Olympics track & field practice. I feel this is an excellent depiction of community public health at work. Special needs finds its way integrated into public health, but I feel it should be focused on by public health workers on the community level at a greater degree. We know that many individuals with special needs often have increased number risk factors for many public health issues, such as obesity, depression, and poor nutrition. The special Olympics organization is spread all across our world and I'm so thankful that we have it here in Kentucky and in Madison County. For these athletes, the sports teams of special Olympics have a huge impact on their lives, physically, socially and mentally. To me, public health means taking needed measures to enrich lives and improve the health of those in need. These children get to be included, get to exercise, get to thrive socially and break barriers that would keep them from getting or staying as healthy as possible by staying actively involved in Special Olympics! This IS public health!!


2nd place—Sarah Lavender

I believe that this picture of this year's Lexington AIDS walk is a good example of public health in action. AIDS is a public health concern as it effects the well being of our entire population. AIDS is an infectious disease, which is one of the areas that public health focuses on. AIDS has been around for over 30 years, with the first cases being reported in 1981. It is still a public health concern today, because every 9.5 minutes in the United States a person is infected with HIV and around 18,000 people still die from AIDS related illnesses each year. This AIDS walk, which the picture represents, works to raise public awareness about the disease and helps to raise money to help those infected and to prevent new cases from occurring.


3rd place—Samantha Hall

Haz Mat and it's proper use is very important to not only the Environment but to the Public as well. How can it be important to Public Health you may ask? Well for a few different reasons one is the damage to the environment in which we live. If we destroy our everyday resources, things we may take for granted like the air we breath or the water we drink then we risk our personal safety also Hazmat was made specifically to help stop catastrophes like the accidental release of poison gas that killed thousands in Bhopal India. When dealing with deadly and toxic substances it is very important that we learn to use and follow proper regulations for the safety of not only ourselves but our Environment and the Public!!

Published on May 02, 2013

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